There appeared a neural network capable of changing shape, race and hair

Programmer Alexey Chaplygin, who lives in the Netherlands, introduced Deepfake 2.0 technology, a neural network-based system that allows you to change faces, shape, hair and skin color. For “personality injection” in any video, as the creator of the system assures, only one photo is enough. See the video below for a demonstration of the technology’s capabilities.

Neural networks first form a 3D image based on a photo of the face or the whole body, and then insert it into the video. Using Deepfake 2.0, Chaplygin placed Botticelli’s Venus in the video from “Pirates of the Caribbean” and inserted the face of Anne Frank (author of a diary about the cruelty to Jews during WWII) in the pictures with a girl who is having a good time.

Like all powerful technologies, the Deepfake 2.0 system can be used for different tasks. Chaplygin noted that the technology can be used for good (for example, for virtual fitting of clothes) or to the detriment (in particular, for identity theft). The creator of the technology believes that antivirus programs will soon learn to identify fake photos and videos created with the help of Deepfake and other similar solutions.

Chaplygin is sure that Deepfake 2.0 has a significant potential as a tool for virtual fitting of clothes. The programmer offered investors who are interested in promising technology to join the project financing.