There are dormant volcanoes on Earth that are “storing strength” for future eruptions

There are dormant volcanoes on Earth, and the awakening of each of them could turn into a planetary catastrophe. Some dormant volcanoes are ‘storing energy’ for future eruptions.

According to geophysicist John Power, the danger is posed by a group of volcanoes in the Aleutian Islands near Alaska. We are talking about Cleveland, Herbert, Carlisle, Kagamil, Uliaga and Tana volcanoes which, in fact, represent a single supervolcano with a giant magma chamber.

Beneath the vent of the huge supervolcano, which is 20 kilometers in diameter, dangerous processes are taking place, indicating an imminent eruption. There is a possibility that the explosion of the volcano will wake up the Yellowstone supervolcano in the United States, leading to an even larger catastrophe. It is believed that if Yellowstone wakes up, the event will significantly change the earth’s climate, meaning that everyone on the planet will feel the effects.

Another dangerous dormant volcano is Kikai in Japan, which is located in the East China Sea. If the volcano wakes up, it will provoke a megatsunami – huge waves will cover China, the Far East and even North America. According to pessimistic forecasts, a catastrophe of this scale would kill 100 million people.