There was an explosion near a mosque in Kabul

In Kabul, a bomb exploded at the entrance to the Idghah Mosque in a crowd of people, killing several people. This was reported by the representative of the Taliban organization and the Afghan Minister of Information Zabihullah Mujahid in Twitter.

According to Al Jazeera on Twitter, at the time of the explosion the mosque was holding a ceremony of farewell to Mujahid’s mother. According to the channel, the explosion occurred near the building of the Ministry of Defense.

Al Jazeera later reported that Afghan security forces arrested three people on suspicion of involvement in the bombing.

The Kabul Ambulance Hospital in the Shahr-e-Naw district reported on Twitter that four people had been hospitalized. Two more people died, Interior Ministry spokesman Saeed Khosti said, local newspaper Ariana reported. The source specified that the number of injured rose to 20, with eight people dead.