There was an explosion near “Minskaya” metro station in Kiev

The explosion took place in Kiev near the Minskaya metro station. This was reported in the Ukrainian media on Tuesday, July 21.

According to information published in the “Kyiv Online” account on Facebook, earlier that day a suspicious bag was found near Minska subway station. Later, the resource published a video of the explosion near Minskaya subway station, shot by eyewitnesses. One of the users in comments to this post suggested that it was a bombing of a bag left near the subway.

Kiev mayor Vitali Klitschko said in his Telegram-channel that it was the neutralization of two improvised explosive devices, found in the market “Minsk”, located near the subway station of the same name.

“Just now, the bomb technicians have defused two improvised explosive devices at “Minsk” market. Around 12:00 p.m., an anonymous person reported on line 102 about the mined two car kiosks at 26 Obolonski Avenue,” wrote the mayor.

Klitschko added that police and bomb technicians had arrived at the site to verify this information and found the explosive objects. After that the market territory was cordoned off and the citizens were evacuated. The explosives fixed between a car and kiosks were defused.