Thousand-year-old dishes revealed the secret of ancient people’s nutrition

More recently, a group of archeologists found ancient people’s dishes, which left traces of the food they were cooking. This is the only way to judge how people used to eat in ancient times, what they preferred as food.

Thanks to the chemical analysis made from the found utensils, you can find out what dish was cooked in it for the last time. It is worth noting that there is absolutely no need to judge what dish was preferred by this or that nation.

For example, on the dishes found in Siberia, were found such oils that indicate that the people ate fish, others, animals.

Archaeologists have carefully studied all the details. Conclusions were also made about how the dishes were cleaned after cooking. The pots were washed with running water and wiped with simple branches.

To understand what exactly was cooked in the dishes, scientists conducted painstaking experiments. They took the earthenware and cooked food in it. After that, the remains were compared with those found. Specialists say that thanks to this, you can learn not only about what people eat in ancient times, but also about their relationships in society.

Scientists also say that before the opening of the fire, people were already preparing their own food. Many people say that it was the cooking that made a man a real intelligent creature.