Three-day courses for The Witcher fans will open in Poland

The Polish company 5 Zywiolow announced the opening of a three-day course for fans of “The Witcher”. The event is scheduled to start in the fall of 2021. It was announced Tuesday, August 10, by Comicbook.

“In the three-day course, participants will receive 12 hours of instruction per day, which will include classes in archery, elixir making and wilderness survival, as well as monster hunting in the evenings,” the portal reported.

The creators assure that participants will immerse themselves in a real “The Witcher” storyline and get to meet their favorite characters from the franchise.

In addition, they will explore the castle and its surroundings, looking for hidden secrets, and get special costumes and equipment.

It is noted that the event will be held with all safety requirements, including COVID-19.

5 Zywiolow has been working in the events industry since 2005, at the moment “The Witcher School” has already received official recognition from CD Projekt Red.

Earlier, on March 23, the U.S. streaming service Netflix approved new actors who will participate in the filming of the second season of the series “The Witcher.”