Three missing climbers from Russia found in the Himalayas

Three Russian climbers who had been climbing the Annapurna mountain in Nepal and had lost contact the day before, have been found. It was reported by the Nepalese newspaper The Himalayan Times on April 19.

According to the newspaper, the climbers Sergey Kondrashkin, Dmitry Sinev, and Alexander Lutkhokin were taken to the base camp.

According to the newspaper, three Russians, Sergei Kondrashkin, Alexander Lutkhokin, and Dmitriy Sinev, climbed the mountain and lost contact with them.

The rescuers set out to find the climbers.

Later it turned out that Kondrashkin and Sinev had managed to climb the peak, while the third climber refused to climb.

The climbers were sent to a hospital in Kathmandu.