Three people died in a forest fire in California

At least three people became victims of a forest fire in California, AP reported September 28.

Accidents occurred in Shasta County, where a natural fire started last weekend. Rescuers evacuated more than 1.2 thousand people. The area of fire has already exceeded 5.9 thousand hectares.

Another major fire broke out in Sonoma and Napa districts, more than 50 thousand people were evacuated, about 25 thousand residents were left without electricity. According to preliminary data, no one died there.

In total, 27 forest fires are burning in California. Since the beginning of the year 29 people became victims of forest fires in the state.

On September 11 it became known that authorities of American state Oregon consider deliberate arson as one of versions of the beginning of natural fires. The leadership of the city of Ashland, where one of the largest fires in the state began, began an investigation.