Three people injured and two missing after explosion in Bordeaux

At least three people were injured in an explosion at an apartment building in the city of Bordeaux in southwestern France, two are believed to be missing. This was reported on February 6 by the TV channel BFM with reference to the city fire department.

The explosion in the city’s Charton quarter, near Place Picard, occurred in the morning of February 6. The blast wave knocked out glass in nearby stores and destroyed two buildings and a private garage.

Two dozen fire trucks arrived on the scene.

Rescue services found five people on the scene in a state of shock and two lightly injured – they were taken to safety.

Two residents of the collapsed house are trying to find under the rubble with the help of dogs. There is also the danger of several other buildings collapsing.

The area is cordoned off by police.

According to the preliminary conclusions voiced by journalist Sud Otsest, the cause could be a gas explosion in a private garage.