Thunberg was mocked on the Net after speaking as a COVID-19 expert

CNN presented on Friday, May 15, ecoactivist Greta Thunberg as a new expert on coronavirus and was criticized on social networks for it.

In particular, Thunberg said that more and more people understand that it is important to listen to experts and the world community in the conditions of the coronavirus pandemic.

In response to this situation, the users of the Network collapsed with many jokes and memes and even asked CNN journalists to call for a cartoon character for the next recording.

Thunberg, as it turned out later, was calm about this criticism and admitted that she was not a specialist, but an activist who called for light on the impact the virus would have on future generations.

Earlier that day it became known that Thunberg intended to donate $100 thousand to UNICEF (UN Children’s Fund) to fight the coronavirus infection.

At the end of April, Tunberg said that she was very happy about the global economic crisis resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, as thanks to the crisis, her dream had come true: carbon emissions into the atmosphere had decreased.