Tigress infected with COVID-19 in Swedish zoo had to be put to sleep

The 17-year-old tigress Nastasia has been infected with COVID-19 in the zoo of Borås, western Sweden, and she had to be put to sleep. This was reported Tuesday, January 26, by SVT TV channel.

As noted, this is the first case of coronavirus in cats in Sweden.

Material taken for analysis was sent to a German laboratory. Nastasia quickly lost appetite, her condition deteriorated, and eventually zoo staff were forced to put her to sleep. Several other lions have also been diagnosed with infection and are experiencing mild symptoms. Their enclosure is isolated.

According to doctors, the animals could have been infected by zoo employees, as many of them had symptoms of the virus, and three of them were found to have the disease.

On December 12, it was reported that a snow leopard in the Louisville Zoo in the U.S. state of Kentucky was confirmed to have a coronavirus infection. It was noted that the animal has mild symptoms of the disease and the leopard feels well.