Tikhanovskaya commented on the death of the head of Belarusian House in Ukraine

On Tuesday, August 3rd former presidential candidate Svetlana Tihanovskaya expressed her condolences on the death of Vitaly Shishov, head of Belarusian Home in Ukraine.

“Belarusians cannot be safe even abroad as long as there are those who try to take revenge on them and hide the truth by getting rid of witnesses. Vitaly Shishov helped the Belarusans – and he was found hanged <...>. But this happened on the territory of another country. Just like the hostage-taking took place on board the plane of another country. So did the attempt to smuggle a disloyal athlete to Belarus from the territory of another country,” she wrote in her Telegram-channel.

Tikhanovskaya expressed her condolences to Shishov’s family and friends, and also thanked Ukraine for opening a criminal case and “readiness to get to the truth.”

Shishov disappeared on the morning of August 2. He went out for a jog and did not return. The man’s body was found in one of Kiev’s parks – he was found hanging from a tree.

A criminal case was initiated under Article 115 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (“Premeditated murder”). The police will check all versions, including the version of murder disguised as a suicide.

The organization, where Shishov was the head, does not believe in the suicide version, because before his death he was under surveillance.

“The Belarusian House in Ukraine” positions itself as an organization created to help citizens of the republic and all “victims of the regime of President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus.” They help immigrants from Belarus with renting housing, as well as provide employment assistance.