TikTok refused to sell the algorithm to USA

Chinese company ByteDance – developer of the video service TikTok – refused to sell the U.S. algorithm, which is the basis of the application. This means that in literally a day on the social network will fall American sanctions.

U.S. President Donald Trump approaches the confrontation with Chinese companies very ingeniously. He not only imposes barricade duties, but also punishes specific companies. More recently, two super-popular Chinese applications were put under his attack – the WeChat messenger and the TikTok video service. Messenger is one of the most popular products in China. Through him even paid in stores. TikTok – the fastest growing social network in the world, a nationwide bestseller. Hitting TikTok in the U.S. automatically means its disappearance around the world. And Trump ordered it to be removed from online stores. The U.S. suspects the company in the surveillance of its citizens. TikTok had previously been banned from use by U.S. military and government officials.

This blow would be so strong that experts predicted even a decline in sales of Apple products in China – no Celestial Empire resident will not need a smartphone without WeChat and TikTok. And for Apple, China is the largest market.

Donald Trump really left the Jesuit loophole for TikTok. The service should be fully sold to any American company. And it should have happened by September 15, 2020. Indeed, negotiations had begun with ByteDance. Among potential buyers was called Twitter, as well as Microsoft. Before the U.S. sanctions, the TikTok business was estimated at least $ 50 billion. But it is obvious that now such money ByteDance no one will pay.

Trump continues to fight against TikTok.

And, to all appearances, the parties really did not agree on anything. ByteDance has made a statement that it does not intend to sell or transfer to the United States the underlying algorithm of the TikTok application. The South China Morning Post wrote about this by citing its informed source. Moreover, ByteDance has already notified the U.S. regulatory agencies as well as potential buyers of its final decision. In return, a Chinese company suggested that the Americans develop a new algorithm on their own. In fact, this means that from September 15 the service will stop working. And not only in the USA, but also all over the world.

Experts are sure that the sanctions against Chinese technological giants are the revenge of the USA for the coronavirus. The country was the most affected by the pandemic. And now China is so responsible for the virus that came to their city Wuhan.