Tilda Swinton played a cute prank on Timothee Chalamet at the Cannes Film Festival

The French Herald premiered in Cannes last night. Supplement to Liberty. Kansas Evening Sun.” Wes Anderson has again gathered an incredibly starry cast in his film: Benicio Del Toro, Bill Murray, Lea Seydoux, Tilda Swinton, Timothy Chalamet, Adrien Brody, Owen Wilson and many other actors showed on the big screen the everyday life of an American newspaper branch located in an imaginary French town.

The Cannes Film Festival screening of the tape ended with a standing ovation, during which Swinton couldn’t resist a cute prank on her young colleague. The actress pulled off a classic hugging trick: taking advantage of the moment, she taped a paper with her name to Schalame’s back, which marked her place in the audience. Perhaps Tilda decided to teach Timothy a lesson for disrupting Margot Robbie’s red carpet appearance last year?