Time magazine’s covers include medical staff

Time magazine will be published in April with five different covers, which will include portraits of workers of medical institutions who are in the epicenter of the fight against coronavirus, according to Instagram edition.

“Almost every week, the decision about what to put on the cover is the subject of much debate. This week was an easy one,” said Edward Felsenthal, editor-in-chief of the magazine.

The publication claims that the issue is dedicated to “stories about courageous workers who risk their lives to save ours,” and their stories were written mainly by the heroes themselves.

One of them was Francesco Menchiz, an anesthesiologist from Ravenna, Italy, who said that work is under tremendous pressure.

An employee of the school cafeteria in the American city of Dallas, Yolanda Fisher, said that it is a great honor for her to provide food to children and adults in such a difficult situation.

For her part, New York City paramedic Alanna Bedgley visited that her ambulance team traveling to potentially coronavirus-infected people lacked protective equipment. One day, she had to wear the same mask for two weeks.

His experience at the epicenter of the outbreak was shared by Michael Fowler, a medical examiner from Downerty County in Georgia, where a coronavirus outbreak occurred at several funerals.

New Jersey-based photographer Danny Kim, who became a paramedic, documented his and his colleagues’ experience in fighting the pandemic. He is convinced that the story should be told in the first person as well.