Tobacco sales in France have risen by a third since quarantine began

Sales of tobacco products in France have increased by 30% since restrictions on the movement of citizens were introduced. This was reported by radio station RTL on Friday, April 3.

“If we could think that the increase in sales is caused by the stress of smokers or the fact that they are forced to stay at home, then no,” the material says. The increase in demand for tobacco has begun because of the closure of borders. Tobacco sales have also increased in the counterfeit market – by 25-27%.

According to experts, since in March the Schengen countries agreed on a ban on “optional trips” of third-country nationals to the EU for 30 days, there is no opportunity to buy cigarettes cheaper.

“It is impossible to go to Andorra, Italy or Belgium, it is difficult to get orders on the Internet, so the road leads to tobacco kiosks. 80% of them are open,” the report says. At the same time, sales in the north and east of France, as well as in border regions, have doubled.

Since March 17, severe restrictions on movement have been imposed in France in connection with the pandemic of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which causes infectious disease COVID-19. Citizens are allowed to go out only if there is a written explanatory note containing the reason why a person should go out. Mass events, cafes, restaurants and cinemas have been banned in the country.

According to the World Health Organization as of April 3, more than 59 thousand cases of coronavirus infection were registered in France, while more than 5.3 thousand patients died.