Tokyo attorney resigns due to playing mahjong during the emergency mode

The head of the Tokyo Prosecutor’s Office, Hiromu Kurokawa, resigned after a gambling scandal during the emergency regime, which was introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic. This was announced on Thursday by the NHK television channel.

It is reported that in May Kurokawa several times visited the apartment of a journalist Sankei newspaper in Tokyo, where they played mahjong for money. An Asahi correspondent also took part in the game. The prosecutor was moving around in a rented car.

The prosecutor’s behavior caused a flurry of criticism from the public and opposition parties. Particularly displeased was the fact that 63-year-old Kurokawa has close ties with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Kurokawa retained his position as a prosecutor in Tokyo, despite the fact that according to Japanese law, it is necessary to leave the post at this age. This may have been due to the fact that in the summer, Japan was to change its prosecutor general and Kurokawa was the main candidate for the vacant post, the Mainichi newspaper said.

On May 14, the Japanese government announced the lifting of the coronavirus emergency in most prefectures. The decision will affect 39 of Japan’s 47 prefectures. The emergency regime is maintained in Hokkaido, Tokyo and adjacent areas of Chiba, Kanagawa and Saitama, as well as in Osaka and Hyogo.

Earlier, it was planned to maintain the emergency regime throughout Japan until the end of the month.

On May 11, Japanese Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Katsunobu Kato said that the country’s authorities discovered 250 pockets of coronavirus infestation in the country. Most of them are located in the territory of medical institutions.

According to Worldometer, as of May 20 Japan had 16,367 cases, 11,564 recovering and 768 deaths from coronavirus.