Tom Hanks described the coronavirus symptoms he and his wife had

Tom Hanks was one of the first stars to get coronavirus in March. In an interview on The Late Show, he told host Stephen Colbert what symptoms COVID-19 encountered and how the disease was overcome by his wife, Rita Wilson, who was also infected.

The four got sick in Australia, where Hanks flew to shoot a new movie. The actor noted that for him the news of a positive test for coronavirus was a shock: “We had no idea where to get infected.

According to the actor, the wife had a high fever and “terrible nausea. Rita also lost her sense of smell: “We did not know about this symptom at the time. We ate food from the delivery, and I thought it was amazing, and Rita is – “tastes like sour milk. I thought she wasn’t herself.”

Interestingly, Tom Hanks’s coronavirus was very different: “My bones were made of crackers. Every time I walked, it felt like something inside me was cracking.” At the same time, the sense of smell of the 64-year-old actor has remained, but he caught up with another misfortune: Hanks admitted that there were severe pain in the “fifth point”, “as if someone had hit her with his fist.

It took the couple about 9-10 days to recover.