Tourist yacht with 18 passengers on board sank off the coast of Greece

A tourist yacht sank in the Aegean Sea off the coast of the Greek island of Milos. There were 18 people, including three children, on board at the time, local TV channel Skai reported Thursday, August 12.

It is noted that the ship wrecked 16 nautical miles northwest of the island, where the winds are about 7 on the Beaufort scale.

Two helicopters were involved in the rescue operation, as well as Coast Guard cutters and private vessels. According to the TV channel, all the people aboard the sunken yacht were rescued.

“All 18 passengers of the boat that sank on Milos are safe. Congratulations to the Coast Guard officers for the timely and efficient rescue operation and to the Sea Jet 2 team of SEAJETS who rushed to the rescue,” the TV quoted Minister of Merchant Marine Yannis Plakiotakis as saying.

According to Greek news portal Cyclades24, the yacht was sailing under the flag of Great Britain.

At the end of July, a passenger motorboat (KMP) carrying 44 people sank in Indonesia. The accident reportedly occurred near the port of Gilimanuka near Bali. The KMP was on a course to Bali from Java Island.