Trudeau announced the second wave of coronavirus in Canada

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday, September 23, in a special address to the nation warned of the second wave of coronavirus infection, which he said could get worse than the first.

“In our four largest provinces, the second wave has not just begun, it’s already coming. We’re on the verge of falling, which could be much worse than what happened in the spring,” he said on CTV News.

According to the Prime Minister, 47 new cases of infection were recorded per day in March, and on September 22 there were more than 1,000 cases.

Trudeau noted that it is still possible to “take the second wave under control”, for this all Canadians must wear masks, keep a social distance and get flu vaccinations. He stressed that the traditional large-scale Thanksgiving celebration in Canada, which is celebrated in October, is unlikely, but “we have a chance to do it at Christmas.

According to Worldometer, 147.8 thousand cases of COVID-19 were registered in Canada, 9.2 thousand people died and more than 91.5 thousand patients were cured.