Trudeau knelt down at a meeting against police brutality

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau supported the protesters who staged mass protests over the death of African American George Floyd during his detention. This was reported by The Guardian on Saturday, June 6.

The day before the politician arrived at a rally against police brutality in Ottawa, surrounded by bodyguards, and knelt down in front of the crowd in solidarity with them. Many of those present appreciated the gesture, but some citizens considered it pointless.

“I’m not interested in advertising tricks, especially now. How can you get on your knees against police brutality? When your whole policy is built as if this problem doesn’t exist. I can’t understand how he turned to the camera – he wanted to make sure he was being filmed – and got down on his knees,” said Canadian writer Andrei Domiz.

Earlier, on June 5, Trudeau spoke about police brutality in the country, noting that this problem is relevant to the Canadian law enforcement system.

“Too many Canadians feel fear and anxiety when they see law enforcement officers. In recent weeks, we’ve seen most citizens suddenly realize that discrimination, which is a reality for many of our fellow citizens, must stop,” he said.

Racism is also a pressing issue for Canada, according to human rights defenders. For example, African Americans living in Toronto are 20 times more likely to die as a result of law enforcement actions than the white population.