Trump accused Pentagon of striving for wars to enrich military-industrial complexes

U.S. President Donald Trump said the Defense Department wants “nothing but to wage war” in order to enrich enterprises producing weapons, ammunition and military equipment. He expressed that opinion at a press conference on Monday, September 7. A recording of the speech is available on Twitter from the White House.

“I am not saying that the military (circles) love me, but the soldiers (love). The leaders at the Pentagon probably don’t, because they don’t want anything but to wage war so that all these great companies that make bombs, planes and everything else are happy,” the American leader said.

He also stressed that the United States is not going out of “endless wars.

Trump also accused his presidential rival Democrat Joe Biden of sending U.S. youth “to fight these crazy endless wars.

Earlier Trump repeatedly spoke about his desire to stop this policy. This, as well as the return of U.S. military personnel to their home country, he has set as a top foreign policy priority in the event of his reelection for a second term in the November 3 elections.

On August 28, the American mass media reported with reference to American officials that Washington would reduce its contingent in Iraq to 3,500 servicemen.

On August 19, the head of the White House said that a considerable part of the American military had left the territory of Iraq. In his opinion, the US army should not have been in the Middle East.

On June 13, Trump said that the U.S. military would no longer restore other countries and solve conflicts in other countries. According to him, a new look at protection of vital interests inside the USA has returned.