Trump agreed to hold a debate with Biden on October 22

U.S. President Donald Trump’s headquarters agreed with the proposal of candidate Joe Biden to hold a second debate on October 22, and to postpone the third debate to October 29, according to a statement issued on Thursday, October 8, by Chief of Staff Bill Stephen.

“We agree that this should happen on October 22nd and, accordingly, the third debate should be moved by a week, to October 29th,” the text reads.

At that, the headquarters of Biden stated that they do not intend to hold the third debate on October 29.

Earlier on Thursday it was reported that Trump refused to “waste time” on virtual debates with Biden. The president called such debates “ridiculous” and stated that he was not going to “sit at the computer”. Trump added that, in his opinion, he defeated Biden at the first debate and expected to win the second.

Biden, in turn, announced that instead of participating in the debate with Trump will answer questions from voters.