Trump and Biden will not be allowed to interrupt each other during the TV debates

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Trump’s election headquarters finds it unacceptable to turn off the microphones of candidates and disagrees with the topics of the third round of debates. The rules of the debates were changed after the first round of debates turned into chaos.

U.S. President Donald Trump will take part in the third round of debates with Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden, though he considers the conditions of the debate unfair. In his opinion, it is unfair that the topics of the debates have been changed, and their host, Trump believes, is completely biased.

The Commission on Presidential Debates adopted new rules as the first presidential debates turned into chaos. According to media calculations, Trump has interrupted his opponent 71 times. Biden then said he wanted the debate commission to change the rules. “I hope there’s a way that the debate commission can control our ability to answer questions without interruptions,” he said.

Under the new rules, the microphone of one presidential candidate will be turned off while another speaks. Each candidate has two minutes of continuous speaking time at the beginning of each of the six 15-minute segments. Their presentation will be followed by an open discussion during which the microphones of both candidates will work.

Trump’s Campaign Staff Against Rule Changes

Meanwhile, Trump’s election headquarters opposed any changes in the rules. In a letter to the commission on October 19 the head of Tramp’s pre-election campaign Bill Stepien even before the decision was made called turning off microphones of candidates “unacceptable”. He also disagreed with the topics of forthcoming debates calling for more attention to foreign policy issues. Topics to be discussed, according to the debate commission, include the fight against coronavirus, race issues, climate change, national security, American families and leadership.

Biden’s spokesman T.J. Duclo, for his part, said, “The headquarters and the commission agreed a few months ago that the moderator of the debate would choose the topics. Trump’s headquarters is now lying about it because Donald Trump is afraid to face new questions about his disastrous response to COVID-19.