Trump announced a conspiracy of pharmaceutical companies against him in the elections

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U.S. President Donald Trump blamed pharmaceutical companies for delaying the announcement of the vaccine’s successful trial by trying to get him to lose the presidential election. The head of state said this on Friday, November 20, at a press conference at the White House. It was broadcasted on Twitter of the presidential administration.

“Large pharmaceutical companies have launched negative advertising worth millions of dollars against me during the election campaign, which I won, by the way. We will find out more. I received almost 74 million votes. There were big pharmaceutical companies against us, media against us, big technology companies against us,” Trump said.

In his opinion, pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer in particular, do not like its policy of reducing the price of drugs and therefore they have delayed the publication of positive results of the coronavirus vaccine test.

In addition, on November 20, White House spokesman Kayleigh McEnany said that Americans will have access to 40 million doses of coronavirus vaccine by the end of the year.