Trump announced COVID-19 vaccination start date in USA

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U.S. authorities may start distributing COVID-19 vaccine to the population as early as October, U.S. President Donald Trump said.

According to him, distribution of the vaccine will be “very safe and effective.

“We could start in October,” he said. I think we could start in mid-October, maybe a little later,” Trump said at a press conference on September 16.

The briefing was broadcast by FoxNews.

Trump added that the U.S. would be ready to provide up to 100 million doses of vaccine by the end of the year.

On September 9, it became known that in the U.S. coronavirus vaccine trials of the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca were suspended due to a disease developed by a volunteer in the UK. However, after a few days, the trials continued.

Currently, there is one coronavirus vaccine registered in the world – Russian drug “Sputnik V”. On September 8 the vaccine was released into civil circulation. Tests showed its effectiveness and safety.

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