Trump announces the end of negotiations to stimulate the economy

The representatives of the White House decided to stop negotiations with the Democratic Party on measures to stimulate the American economy before the US presidential election, which will be held on November 3. This was announced by President Donald Trump on his Twitter page.

According to him, the speaker of the House of Representatives of the U.S. Congress, Democrat Nancy Pelosi demands $2.4 trillion to save badly managed, democratically controlled states with high crime. Trump noted that this money has nothing to do with the Coronavirus pandemic.

The President said the White House representatives offered $1.6 trillion, but Pelosi allegedly “does not negotiate in good faith. As a result, Trump ordered to stop negotiations to stimulate the economy before the elections and added that immediately after that a bill aimed at supporting small business and hardworking American citizens would be adopted.

On October 2 it was reported that the U.S. House of Representatives controlled by democrats adopted a new version of the bill on measures to stimulate the country’s economy in conditions of coronavirus pandemic in amount of $2,2 trillion.

At the end of March the American leader Donald Trump signed the law on measures stimulating economy in amount of $2 trillion in conditions of coronavirus spreading. It was noted that this was the largest aid package from the government in American history.

On October 1 Trump decided to prolong the financing of the US government till December 11 to avoid suspension of the government.