Trump approved a decision of several states to relax quarantine measures

U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday supported the efforts of a number of states to resume economic activity, despite warnings about the threat of a new outbreak of the disease.

About half a dozen states whose governors are Republicans, including Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee, are relaxing quarantine measures and allowing some companies to resume operations in the hope of restarting the economy.

“The States are returning safely. “My country is returning to work. Special care is and will always be taken by our dear elderly people (including me),” Trump tweeted on Wednesday.

Reuters estimates that the number of deaths from coronavirus in the U.S. has exceeded 45,200 and the number of cases of infection – 811,000.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Wednesday also said he was ready to start easing the quarantine. Next week he is going to announce a plan to resume economic activity in the first week of May.

“We want to open as many companies as possible,” he said on Fox Business Network. – However, we want to ensure that this is done in a very safe manner and has not triggered an expansion of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Previous orders requiring people not to leave home affected 94 percent of Americans.