Trump at the press conference walked away from the doctor after she said she was sick

U.S. President Donald Trump hastily stepped down from the U.S. Administration’s Coronavirus Coordinator Deborah Birks as soon as she reported a recent infirmity.

“I had a slight fever on Saturday,” she said at a press conference on Tuesday on the Coronavirus, in which Trump was involved.

“Oh!” – said, when he heard it, the president quickly stepped away from her.

“Maybe it’s something gastrointestinal. “But I’m executive. I’m a doctor. I’ve checked everything… I took the test on Saturday night, and it was negative,” Birks continued.

Trump, back a little closer, made a loud exhalation with a smile. “Thank you for saying that,” he added.

“That’s how we should take care of each other,” Birks ended, speaking of personal responsibility in a coronavirus situation.