Trump believes the U.S. can rebuild a strong economy after the pandemic

The United States could make its economy even more powerful after the pandemic. This was announced on Thursday by U.S. President Donald Trump in an interview with Fox Business TV channel.

“We are doing well, we are overcoming a difficult period and we will make our economy larger than before,” he assured.

“I call it a transition to greatness,” he continued. – The third quarter of this year will be a transitional one. In the fourth quarter we will be doing well and I think that next year, given all the measures we have taken to stimulate the economy, we will have one of the best economic periods.

The President also said that the US economy needs a strong dollar during the economic recovery. “This is a good time for the dollar to be strong,” he said. – Everyone wants to do business in dollars, because we have kept it strong. I kept it strong”.