Trump blamed Antifa movement for congressional riots

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Incumbent U.S. President Donald Trump blames the riots in the building of Congress on January 6 on members of the American anti-fascist movement “Antifa”. This was reported by Axios, citing its sources.

According to their data, the politician announced about it the day before during a telephone conversation with the leader of the Republican minority of the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy from the state of California. The fellow Democrat, who was at the Capitol during the riots, tried to argue that they were set up by supporters of the White House host, photo and video evidence points to that. Sources note that the conversation among Republicans was tense.

When Trump once again claimed election fraud, the congressman responded, “Stop it! It’s over. The election is over.”

McCarthy urged the American leader to follow the tradition of handing over power – calling President-elect Joe Biden and hosting him at the White House on January 20.

Trump noted that he had not yet made a decision on the matter. After the call, McCartney urged fellow party members not to blame Antifa for the riots.

Last week, the sitting U.S. president instructed his office to consider listing the movement as a terrorist organization, according to the White House website.