Trump called Biden an absolutely corrupt politician

U.S. leader Donald Trump called his opponent in the upcoming presidential election, Democratic candidate Joseph Biden, a corrupt politician. The American president said this in an interview with Fox Business on Thursday.

“Joe Biden is an absolutely corrupt politician. He has been like that all his life,” Trump said, commenting on the publication of correspondence of his opponent’s son, Hunter Biden, with Vadim Pozharsky, advisor to Burisma management.

Trump categorically disagreed that the correspondence story could have been rigged on purpose. The U.S. leader criticized social networks Twitter and Facebook, calling social networking platforms the third hand of the Democratic Party National Committee.

As reported earlier Thursday, White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnaney’s Twitter account was blocked after she shared a New York Post report on Hunter Biden’s overseas business operations. Facebook, in turn, limited the distribution of the newspaper on its publication platform.