Trump called for Biden to be tested for doping

Donald Trump, the current U.S. president, believes that the Democrat candidate Joseph Biden should undergo a doping test because he allegedly takes some kind of stimulant drugs. The owner of the White House said this in an interview with journalists from the Fox News channel, which was aired on Tuesday, September 1, on YouTube.

“During the past debate, I watched Biden, he performed terribly,” Trump said.

However, according to the U.S. leader, Biden performed much better at other debates.

“He wasn’t Winston Churchill, but he was normal,” he added.

According to Trump, Biden takes ‘something stimulating’. As the president stressed, he is ready to undergo a doping test and encourages his opponent to do the same.

During the interview Trump also expressed confidence that in case of Biden’s election the USA will face a revolution organized by “radical left-wing forces”. According to the American leader, his opponent “is a weak man and has been such all his life, so he should not run for president”.