Trump called the impeachment situation dangerous for the U.S.

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Impeachment can cause “incredible anger” and is “the continuation of the greatest witch hunt in the history of politics. The Republican incumbent president of the United States, Donald Trump, said this on Tuesday, January 12.

“We don’t want violence. <…> I think it (impeachment. – Ed.) will cause incredible anger,” Trump said.

In addition, according to Reuters, the head of the White House did not respond to a question about his resignation, which he is called for, in particular, by representatives of the Democratic Party in Congress.

On January 11, Trump declared a state of emergency in Washington and sent federal aid to authorities in the U.S. capital to ensure security before the inauguration of President-elect Joseph Biden.

The emergency regime will last from Jan. 11 to Jan. 24, 2021. The imposition of a state of emergency will allow the federal authorities to allocate funds to assist the capital on an expedited basis.