Trump called the U.S. under the Democrats the laughingstock of the world

Since the Democrats, led by President Joe Biden, came to power, the United States has become an object of ridicule to the world, former U.S. President Donald Trump said Tuesday, Oct. 12.

“Our country is an object of ridicule around the world and is definitely no longer great,” Trump said in a statement.

Among Washington’s acute problems are the migration crisis, which made things difficult in the South in September, military setbacks and high rates of COVID-19, the former U.S. leader said.

On Oct. 10, Trump lashed out at incumbent President Joe Biden during a rally of supporters in Iowa. The former president said that because of Biden’s economic initiatives, working Americans would pay even more taxes. In addition, it will become more profitable for American companies to do business in China, Trump claimed.

Trump also criticized the U.S. military’s hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan, which left the U.S. army with a stockpile of Armed Forces weaponry. Russia and China now have samples of the best U.S. military equipment, the 45th U.S. president said.

On June 6, Donald Trump said that President Biden was to blame for the U.S. migration crisis.