Trump commented on Biden’s fall on a plane ramp

Former U.S. President Donald Trump reacted to the incident with the fall of the current head of state Joe Biden on the plane ramp. A snippet of the politician’s remarks was published on the social networking site TikTok on Saturday, March 20.

“I watched Joe Biden walk up the ramp, and I said: “I didn’t lose to him,” Trump said.

Also commenting on the incident was his son Donald Trump Jr. He expressed doubt that U.S. President Joe Biden fell on the plane ramp because of strong winds.

The incident occurred on Friday, March 19, before Biden flew to Atlanta. The U.S. president stumbled and fell several times while climbing the stairs of “Air Force One.” The White House said that windy conditions caused the American leader to fall.

Besides, the administration stressed that the American leader was feeling fine and hadn’t needed the help of the medical staff accompanying him on the trip.

In turn, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova made a joke about the incident with U.S. President Joe Biden. She was surprised that the White House blamed it on the wind and not “Russian hackers led by Margarita Simonyan”.

Biden, 78, became the oldest president since his election to the presidency. His health was repeatedly discussed during the presidential race.