Trump demanded the governors to take strict action against the protesters

President Donald Trump met with state governors on Monday, June 1, and demanded a more robust response to the protests that erupted amid the death of an African American man in police custody.

According to media reports, the meeting was held via videoconference and was closed to journalists. Allegedly, the White House head was angry: he harshly criticized the work of the governors and instructed them to respond forcefully to riots in cities. According to him, it was the insufficient reaction of local authorities that led to violence and pogroms.

“You must dominate this situation, or you’ll look like fools. You have to arrest and judge people,” CNN quoted Trump as saying.

The American leader said “the whole world was laughing at Minneapolis” where protesters burned down a police station.

Illinois Governor Jay Robert Pritzker told Trump that the aggressive rhetoric of the White House was only worsening the situation and asked the president to “call for calm”. However, Trump replied that he “does not like” Pritzker’s rhetoric, and criticized his work in the fight against the coronavirus.

The head of the White House also expressed the view that behind the riots was an ultra-left public movement that would manifest itself “worse and worse” if not suppressed by force, while most governors “show weakness.

“You have to arrest people, you have to track people down, you have to put them in jail for 10 years, and you will never see it again,” NBC News quoted the American leader as saying.