Trump denied the accusations of insulting the dead American military

U.S. President Donald Trump during his trip to Pennsylvania denied information that he called the American soldiers buried in France losers, NBC News reported September 3.

“What kind of animal would say such a thing? And especially after I helped our military get budgets, raise salaries. It’s terrible that they (journalists. – Ed.) are allowed to write such things. <...> We can refute that,” the American leader said.

Earlier this Thursday, The Atlantic magazine, citing its sources, reported that Trump had refused to visit a military cemetery in France almost two years ago because it was “filled with losers. According to the magazine’s interlocutors, the American president meant 1,800 U.S. infantrymen who died during World War I.

In November 2018, Trump arrived in France to participate in events dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, but at the last moment refused to visit the memorial cemetery in Bois Belo.

At the White House, the president’s actions were explained by his unwillingness to inconvenience the Parisians because of the roadblocks while the presidential cortege was heading for the cemetery, and the bad weather prevented him from using a helicopter.

After that, the American leader was criticized in the U.S. and Europe for refusing to pay tribute to the dead U.S. soldiers. The grandson of famous British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, Nicholas Soms, spoke out most sharply about the situation.