Trump for the first time after the disease appeared to supporters from the balcony of the White House

U.S. President Donald Trump said at the first public event after he discovered a coronavirus infection that he was not feeling well. This was stated by the American leader on October 10 during his speech to the supporters from the balcony of the White House.

“Thank you all for your prayers”, – Hindustan Times quotes the head of state.

The results of his last test for COVID-19 have not been published yet.

On October 9th Trump took a repeat test for a new type of coronavirus. The president noted that he was “either at the bottom of the scale or free of the virus”.

U.S. president’s physician Sean Conley previously noted that Trump showed no signs of progression of the disease caused by the new coronavirus. In his opinion, Trump is likely to stop presenting the danger of infection of others with coronavirus on Saturday.