Trump gave a new reason for blocking the draft defense budget

U.S. President Donald Trump reiterated his intention to veto the draft defense budget agreed by both houses of Congress. This was announced by the American leader on December 13 in his Twitter.

On December 9, it became known that the draft budget was supported by more than 300 out of 438 members of the U.S. House of Representatives. Thus, if necessary, Trump’s veto can be overcome, but it will still need to do the Senate, which has not yet voted on the bill.

On December 4, Trump confirmed that he intends to block the military budget bill agreed to by both houses of Congress.

The president is not happy with the fact that the document left a reference to the social media exemption. In another post, the American leader pointed out that this is a serious threat to national security and election integrity.

In addition, among other things, Trump is unhappy about Congress’ intention to change the names of military bases named after warlords of the slaveholding South during the U.S. Civil War. Such a change is being introduced in order to combat racism, but opponents argue that it is an unnecessary misrepresentation of U.S. history.

The U.S. president has previously criticized the media and social networks and called for the removal of restrictions on their responsibility for the content they publish.