Trump has said that the USA will withdraw from the contract on rockets of average and smaller range

On Saturday (on Saturday night Moscow time) the U.S. President Donald Trump declared intention to bring the USA out of the Contract on elimination of rockets of the average and smaller range (DRSMD) signed in 1987.

“We will leave the agreement, and we will develop then arms”, – he has told, answering questions of journalists after the performance before supporters in the State of Nevada. Trump’s conversation with the press was broadcast by Fox News TV channel.

At the same time, as it is noted in the message, Trump has emphasized that such developments won’t be conducted if the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China agree to the conclusion of the new agreement.

The American president has explained that he considers it necessary to act this way because the Russian side violates provisions of this agreement. “Russia didn’t observe the agreement so we will leave it”, he said.

“They violate the agreement many years. I don’t know why the president Obama didn’t conduct negotiations or haven’t withdrawn from the contract”, – the U.S. President has added.

“We should develop such arms until Russia doesn’t come to us until China comes to us, all of them won’t come to us and won’t tell: “Let’s grow wiser really, and none of us will develop these arms”, – Trump has told. – But, if Russia does it, and China does it, and we adhere to the agreement, it is unacceptable”.

Trump has emphasized that “we won’t assume that they violated the agreement on nuclear weapon and developed the arms while we have a possibility of a message no such developments”.

Earlier American mass media reported that Trump’s adviser for national security John Bolton during negotiations in Moscow next week just intends to inform on plans of the USA to leave DRSMD.

The Russian side, in turn, considers that the USA breaks DRSMD.

Russia expects that the Assistant to the President of the USA on national security John Bolton arriving in Moscow on Sunday will explain plans of Washington concerning the Contract on elimination of rockets of the average and smaller range (DRSMD), the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Ryabkov has told on Sunday to TASS.

“We condemn the continuing attempts by method of blackmail to get from Russia concessions, especially in a question which matters for the international security and safety in the sphere of nuclear weapons, for maintenance of strategic stability”, – he has told, commenting on the statement of the U.S. President Donald Trump for plans of Washington to leave DRSMD.

“Today in Moscow there arrives the Assistant to the President of the USA on national security John Bolton, – the high-ranking diplomat has continued. – We hope that we will hear from him during contacts tomorrow and the day after tomorrow more in detail and clear that means to undertake from the American side”.

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