Trump is thinking of firing Pentagon head Mark Esper

U.S. President Donald Trump is dissatisfied with the current U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and is considering a new candidacy for the post of Pentagon chief. This is reported with reference to high-profile sources in the presidential administration NBS News.

Trump, according to the TV channel, met with his advisers and discussed with them the possible dismissal of Esper. Trump was proposed as a candidate by Robert Wilke, Minister of Veterans’ Affairs, who was approved for the post in summer 2018. Two senior administration officials said the president discussed this directly with Wilke at the White House last month.

It is noted that several other candidates are being considered for the post of defense chief. According to channel interlocutors, the head of state has no plans to fire Mark Esper before the presidential election in November.

Relations between Trump and the secretary of defense further deteriorated, the channel said last week, when Esper announced funding cuts to the newspaper Stars and stripes for the U.S. military since the Civil War. The U.S. leader blatantly rejected that decision.

On August 12, the Bloomberg agency reported that Donald Trump could fire Esper if he won the presidential election. At the same time, one newspaper source said that Esper had told people close to him about his desire to step down regardless of the results of the presidential election.