Trump is to issue a decree on social media

White House reported that the president’s order on social networks is expected on May 28. Head of Facebook Zuckerberg called the U.S. administration actions disproportionate.

U.S. President Donald Trump in conflict with Twitter on Thursday, May 28, will issue a special decree on social networks, said the representative of the White House to reporters during a flight to Washington from Cape Canaveral in Florida. The details of the document under preparation are not yet known. Earlier Trump had threatened to regulate social networks or even close them down for “suppressing conservative opinions.

It is not yet clear on what legal grounds such regulation of social networks is possible. The conflict arose because on May 26 the social network Twitter, to which Trump prefers, subjected the president’s tweet for the first time. In that tweet Trump claimed that the mail vote allegedly contributed to the fraudulent results. Twitter classified the message as misleading. The president then accused Twitter of interfering in the upcoming US presidential elections in November.

“Disproportionate response.”

The head of Facebook social network Mark Zuckerberg called Trump’s disproportionate reaction in the conflict with Twitter. “Responding to the test by introducing censorship is a disproportionate reaction of the administration, which is concerned about censorship,” he said. “I have not yet understood what the administration is up to. But in general, it seems wrong to me if the government is censoring a platform because it is concerned about censorship,” he added.

Twitter has declined to comment on Trump’s intentions. Google has not yet responded to what has happened.