Trump made fun of Biden who mixed him up with Bush Jr.

The U.S. president once again laughed at his rival in the upcoming elections, Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden because of a new public reservation of his opponent.

“Joe Biden called me George the day before. He couldn’t remember my name. I got help from an interview with him. Fake news cartel is working hard to hide it!” – wrote Trump on Twitter.

On the eve of November 20, Biden, who will celebrate his 78th birthday, was confused with 43 United States President George W. Bush, Jr. during a live broadcast of Trump, reports NSN. “The image of this country, in my opinion, literally depends on the ballot papers. If Trump is re-elected, another four years with George will bring us to a completely different world,” he said.

However, at the end of his tirade, the Democrat candidate still remembered the name of the incumbent president.

On the same day, Trump said that if he wins the upcoming elections, Biden will hardly be on equal terms with other world leaders.