Trump pointed out to Biden that he had no right to claim victory in the elections

The current US President Donald Trump has declared that his rival in the elections of the head of state from the Democratic Party Joseph Biden has no right to assert his victory while the trials are going on in the courts. Trump wrote about it on his Twitter page.

According to him, Biden should not “unlawfully make claims to the post”. Also, the head of the White House said he could make the same claim, and then added that the legal process on this issue is just beginning.

Trump, speaking at the White House on November 5, threatened that the trial on the election results could end in the Supreme Court. Trump noted that there would be many appeals to the court due to the large amount of evidence and evidence of violations during the last presidential elections in the United States.

It is about the possibility of the Supreme Court to suspend the counting of votes in certain states, which may become an advantage for one of the candidates.