Trump promised free treatment from coronavirus with Regeneron

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Treatment of U.S. citizens against coronavirus infection with the drug from the pharmaceutical company Regeneron Pharmaceuticals will be free, now the authorities are working on it, said the U.S. leader Donald Trump.

“We are working to make the drugs Regeneron Pharmaceuticals and Eli Lilly and Company, which produce similar antibody-based drugs, free of charge for people in need,” he said during a speech in Wisconsin on his You-Tube channel.

Trump said he was receiving these drugs during his coronavirus treatment. He said he wasn’t feeling well when he was admitted to hospital, but he was feeling better after taking the medication.

“I woke up the next morning and felt that I could conquer the whole world. “Let me out of here! – I told [the doctors],” Trump said.

Earlier, Democratic Party presidential candidate Joseph Biden said the Americans should get COVID-19 vaccine free of charge. He stressed that if he wins the upcoming elections on November 3, he will ensure mass production of the drug.

The head of the White House said on October 2 that COVID-19 had been found. On the same day, he was hospitalized with mild symptoms at the Walter Reed Military Medical Hospital. Coronavirus was also confirmed with his wife Melania. On October 6 Trump left the medical center.