Trump promised Iran a “large-scale response” in the event of an assassination attempt on the U.S. Ambassador

U.S. President Donald Trump commented on media reports that Iran may be preparing an assassination attempt on an American after South Africa.

The American leader promised that any action against his country would have “a thousand times larger” consequences.

The day before, the Politico newspaper reported that Washington suspected Tehran of preparing an assassination attempt on the South African ambassador Lana Marks in order to avenge the murder of General Kasem Suleimani.

“Any Iranian attack on the United States, in any form, will be met with an attack on Iran that is a thousand times larger,” Trump wrote on Twitter September 15.

Earlier, Foreign Ministry spokesman Syed Khatib-zade advised the U.S. side to “stop outdated tricks to form anti-Iranian propaganda,” and called the accusations groundless.

Lieutenant General Kasem Suleimani was killed in January in a special operation of the US military in Baghdad. The reason for the operation was that the U.S. suspected that Suleimani had plans to attack the U.S. diplomatic missions. In response to the death of General Tehran on the night of January 8, he attacked several military bases in Iraq where U.S. troops were stationed.