Trump promised to “do a lot of things” with China if re-elected

US President Donald Trump promised to take action against Beijing if he is re-elected. The American leader told about it during the meeting with voters on October 22.

“We will do a lot with China… What they did to us is a disgrace,” ABC 33/40 quoted the head of state.

The president also once again accused Beijing of a coronavirus pandemic and that U.S. citizens have to observe a masked regime.

Journalists asked Trump to comment on the difference between his position on China and that of his rival, Democrat candidate Joe Biden. In response, the head of state said that Biden was bribed by Beijing and helped his son to make profitable deals with China and Ukraine.

“Biden allowed China to get away with it. Biden allowed China to steal from us and rob us clean. I took billions and billions of dollars out of China because of the tariffs and everything else we did,” the American leader said.

On October 8, Trump was already threatening Beijing with “payback” for spreading the coronavirus infection.

“This is a mistake by China. And China will pay a great price for what they have done to our country and to the world,” said the American leader.

In September Trump during a speech at the UNGA called for China to be held responsible for the spread of coronavirus. The American leader then accused Beijing that in the first days of the pandemic, he banned travel inside the country, but did not cancel international flights, which led to a massive contamination of COVID-19.

The American president repeatedly repeated that he considered China responsible for the outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic, and called this the reason for his growing anger against China. Beijing denies these accusations.