Trump promised to investigate the “strange” origin of the coronavirus

The U.S. is investigating the emergence of the coronavirus, President Donald Trump said at a briefing at the White House April 17.

According to him, Washington intends to find out what exactly contributed to the emergence of the pandemic.

“Many strange things have happened, many investigations are under way, and we intend to find out. It came from China, 184 countries were affected, that’s very bad. We need to find out where it came from,” Trump said.

In addition, he noted that he will study the media reports about the grants of former President Barack Obama to the Chinese laboratory in Wuhan and cancel them.

“We have given an order that in case there are any grants that they receive, <…> we will close this grant very quickly,” Trump stressed.

On April 15, USNewsToday said the first person to become infected with coronavirus worked in a laboratory at the Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China. That’s where the virus allegedly leaked.

A similar theory was expressed by the British media on April 5, citing intelligence.