Trump rejected statements about Russia’s role in the situation with Joe Biden’s son

The story with the son of a presidential candidate from the Democratic Party of Joe Biden – Hunter – is not connected with Russia, said on Tuesday, October 20, US President Donald Trump.

“It’s just crazy. The dodgy Schiff (head of the U.S. House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff – Ed.) said yesterday, ‘This is Russia. I mean, he’s a sick man, he’s so sick,” Media ITE reports the president’s words during the program Fox and Friends.

Trump recalled the findings of the head of the U.S. National Intelligence John Ratcliffe about the lack of connection of the incident with Russia, and added that the actions of Schiff should be investigated for misinformation.

Earlier, on October 14, Facebook restricted the distribution on its platform of the New York Post publication, which contained information from confidential correspondence of Hunter Biden with Vadim Pozharsky, advisor to the management of the Ukrainian company Burisma.

Facebook said that “this story” should be verified by partners.

The New York Post, in turn, specified that this way the social network management responded to the article, which contains details of electronic correspondence of Hunter Biden, in particular, several letters in 2014 and 2015. One letter was sent to Biden Jr. one year after his inclusion in the Board of Burisma – in it Pozharsky allegedly thanked the addressee for the invitation to Washington and the opportunity to meet with his father Joe, who was then president of the administration of American leader Barack Obama.

In other letter Pozharsky ostensibly asked Hunter Biden to give advice, how it is possible to use his influence “on behalf” of Burisma.

These letters ostensibly were taken by employees of edition from the laptop left by son Biden in one of repair shops of the State of Delaware.

Biden’s campaign headquarters called the New York Post information untrue.

In November 2019, Ukrainian MP Andriy Derkach accused Hunter Biden of receiving $16.5 million from the Ukrainian company Burisma through an intermediary company Rosemont Seneca Boa.

Derkach added that Latvia’s financial intelligence handed over materials to the Prosecutor General’s Office and the State Financial Monitoring Service of Ukraine on possible involvement of Hunter Biden in corruption schemes.

U.S. President Donald Trump has repeatedly urged to find out how junior Biden got a board member position at the Ukrainian private gas company Burisma without management experience. Trump accused Biden Sr. of using his position to help his son’s business.